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New Zealand’s Manuka honey is reputable worldwide for its’ healing properties and Manuka Doctor is making great use of it.

Manuka Doctor is one of New Zealand’s leading skincare brand. Its’ formation in 1909 has grown into the international business that it is today, providing the world with their local magical source. That is not to say however, that Manuka Doctor has disconnected from where it all began.

The renowned honey is sourced from the great hills of wild and open New Zealand and knowledgeable, bee-friendly keepers take good care of their producers who offers Manuka Doctor their 100% authentic Manuka honey. None of the little workers are harmed in the process nor does it impact their living.

So what is so special about Manuka honey? Honey’s properties have long been used for homemade medical and topical remedies and Manuka is simply the royal equivalent of it. Its’ characteristics include hydration, it helps bring back the moisture abilities to the skin, reducing line and wrinkles for a rejuvenated look.

Another attribute is brightness regulation, as seasons go by and pollution fluctuates, your skin needs a bit of kick sometimes which Manuka provides. For troubled skin, the honey provides comfort and regulation to help heal and prevent imperfections.

To find the right Manuka skincare for you, Manuka Doctor’s website proposes 3 categories of product depending on skin type or if you have a specific issue you’d like to target, you can select your need such as blemishes or dry skin to find the best fit for you. To order, you can do it online or by phone and if you need help, their contact details and FAQ are available on the website.

Manuka Doctors also has a reviews page for each product so you can check out how it’s worked out for other people and see if it’ll work for you as well as a blog for tips, recipes and lifestyle ideas.

Delivery depends on your country so be sure to check out all the details necessary on the delivery page online. All of their products are produced and packaged in New Zealand so it’ll be coming straight from the source with the New Zealand Government certification and from Hive to Home traceability sticker so you’re assured you’re getting the good stuff!

When you choose authentic and natural Manuka products to be part of your skincare, your skin will thank you.

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