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Magix Software and VEGAS creative software is the 25 years old yet most up-to-date experienced multimedia softwares out there.

Magix’s headquarters are based out in Berlin but they’ve grown to interact worldwide, bringing their innovations forward. Conceived for photographers, musicians and filmmakers alike, its’ wide range of intuitive digital programs are able to cater to every range of skill, from amateur to professional and from VHS digitalization to experienced filmmaking.

Magix produces all kinds of more than smart programs and one of its’ top hits is called the VEGAS creative software. VEGAS pro has been one of the leading film editing programs used by many professionals and growing by the day.

VEGAS offers a range of editing and production material separated by creative type. They’re all made for smooth and fast productivity, helping you expand your limits and the ones of your production.
Award winning VEGAS pro lets the professional produce editing and audio design to the highest standard, their intuitive and enhanced software lets you push beyond what you expected. VEGAS Movie Studio is manufactured for maximized results and professional finish and so intuitive everyone is able to make their footage come together better and grander.

For specialized use, VEGAS VR equipment lets its’ user mold reality to virtuality effortlessly. Extras and add-ons are also available to complement your work where you need it, whether that be audio, video or a more complete assistance.

Some Magix products are available on tablet and smartphone through applications so you work whenever you want, wherever you want and control your production from different platforms. If you’ve already got Magix gear but you’d like to access the upgrades, you can buy the single upgrade without having to purchase the whole new program.

To order, you can choose between physical or digital form, the only difference being the shipping time. Payment methods are varied so you’re sure to be able to use your preference and shipping is quick and efficient.
For returns, the details are available on the website and if you need assistance of any kind, their contact details such as phone and email services are available on the website. Of course, to help you get the hang of your new software, a help center is provided.

Magix and VEGAS are one of the most recognized and professionally appreciated softwares out on the market so don’t stop your creativity and get started!

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