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Posted on 05-12-2019

Use the cheaper taxi/cab alternative to Uber. Get money off your first 5 rides AND get rewarded constantly with promo codes. I've never had any issues with them.   Try out @Kapten with the code VIVRAN4, get rewards off your first ride! ... Read more

Posted on 24-10-2019

Use the cheaper taxi/cab alternative to Uber. Get money off your first 5 rides AND get rewarded constantly with promo codes. I've never had any issues with them.  Use this link and give them a go: They also pay their VAT - so support them!  ... Read more

Posted on 10-10-2019

HEY THERE! NEED A DRIVE? GET €4,- for your first 2 rides with KAPTEN! Try out Kapten with the code SHADEN1  Or use this link to sign up : get rewards off your 2 first rides! Have a good one! ... Read more

Posted on 29-07-2019

Want a cheaper Uber alternative? Use Kapten with the code JAMDE4 and get £4 off your 5 first rides!   Kapten is the best minicab app in London - fixed fares instead of estimates, better paid drivers, no stupid 50p clean air fee like Uber, and an app that just works! ... Read more

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Surging prices getting you down? Kapten is leading the ships that get you home at the best price.

Kapten might one the newest comers on the driving scene but they’ve got their business down to a T. Kapten’s focus in today’s price surging and long wait times is to reduce those exactly. Here, you’ll get a great ride that will take you from A to B in no time.

With Kapten, you’ll get the greatest prices, drivers and wait times because you are of course their main and only focus. You’ll never be disappointed in a ride with Kapten so don’t wait to join up the millions of users all over the world.

Available on Apple and Google Play, you’ll just have to create an account with a few information to go off and explore the world. All of the rides have a minimum price but unlike many riding apps, it doesn’t change depending on traffic so you won’t see the price quadruple every time you’re out on a busy night!

Kapten has racked up a 96% overall satisfied costumer rating, which is a pretty telling percentage when it’s coming from two million costumers! Kapten keeps everything local in each of their implantations so you can be sure you’re using a locally responsible business every time!

For every ride, you do get a minimum rate although it doesn’t surge and fall like other driving apps would. If you decide you’d rather walk or hop on the metro, you can cancel your ride for free if you do it under two minutes! The driver will also wait for you for two minutes for free if you have trouble getting to the car.

With Kapten, you can even request a ride without a destination, if you’re feeling wild and adventurous! All of the fees for certain features and their time limits are available online. Of course, for every ride you search for, the price of it is always available before ordering.

With Kapten, you also get loyalty points for every ride you take where you get perks and discounts. All terms and conditions are available online as well as their FAQ page for any question you may have. Their outstanding costumer service would love to help you with any query.

Available in many metropolises, Kapten is going to become your best friend for your nights out, business days and even traveling!

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