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Posted on 01-12-2020   Black Friday sale on now Hive is brilliant, now works with Apple home kit as well as amazon Alexa, set a schedule, use sensors to autoatically turn lights on, alert you if someone has entered a location around your hom ... Read more

Posted on 01-12-2020

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Posted on 20-11-2020

£30 off Hive Active Heating, Hive View or Hive View Outdoor when you follow the link:   Become part of the smart-home generation with Hive. Super easy to control your home from the lights, to the heating all from your phone. Keep ... Read more

Posted on 19-11-2020

Get £30 off when you purchase smart thermostat Hive Active Heating, Hive View Indoor or Hive View Outdoor as a new customer using my referral link Don’t miss out on this great offer and turn your house into a smart ... Read more

Posted on 22-10-2020

Hive offer a range of smart home devices. These give you greater control over your home. Amongst other benefits, this can help you save money on your energy bill over the long term. Get £30 off of your first purchase when you use my referral link. ... Read more

Posted on 30-09-2020

Using my link will provide you with £30 off your first order that can be used for many things on the website which is usually cheaper than elsewhere.  £30 off Hive Active Heating, Hive View or Hive View Outdoor is all yours.  Just enter your email address to get your ... Read more

Posted on 05-06-2020

Hello! I’m loving my Hive smart products, and they’ve given me a special introductory offer to share with friends. Thought it might be up your street. You can get £30 off their award-winning smart thermostat Hive Active Heating (with hub only), Hive View Indoor or Hive View Outdoo ... Read more

Posted on 03-05-2020

*£30 OFF ACTIVE HEATING AT HIVE HOME* To get £30 off of active heating, do either of these: enter my name at checkout: Josh Toms or use this link: Smarten you're home up with Hive. They have lots of different products ... Read more

Posted on 14-04-2020

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Want a smart smart home provider with the smartest products? Hive Home’s got the brightest ideas for your home.

Hive Home’s dedicated to bringing its’ costumers the best smart products to enhance their beautiful homes. They think and design each item with you in mind so you have more time to focus on what’s important and what brings you joy rather than household problems. With Hive Home, you know your house is equipped with the sharpest tools in the house!

Hive Home designs a number of different gadgets for different purposes. You can manage your heating and water with their heating device, from wherever you are. If you’re finding the lights are staying on after you’ve gone to bed or left the house, you can get their smart lights which you can control as you wish.

They’ve also come up with cameras and sensors so if you’re wanting added security, they’re definitely the right fit for you! You’ll get notifications as soon as movement is detected. You can also get smart plugs that can turned on and off from a distance, great for the environment and your energy bill!

The smartest of homes isn’t complete without the hub that connects all of your devices and smart objects. If you’re starting to equip your house, Hive Home has concocted packs that contain a selection of their smart objects, depending on your needs.

With all this material smartness comes smart service. You’ll get an app with all the notifications centralized and live which you’ll be able to share with family and loved ones. You can also subscribe to their servicing option for swift technical support and an personal set-up.

Their services also propose a leak detection plan with a smart object that will report any sign of leakage and possible future water damage. If your worry is more security oriented, Hive Home offers a range of indoor and outdoor cameras too.

You’ll find every detail for every service and object you’re looking for on their website and if you’re in need of more information, their support page will answer all of your questions. If you’re looking for a solution to a specific problem, they’ve developed categories to best target your needs.

Their informative videos, FAQ and community forum will give you all the information to best work your new gadget!

Hive Home is where your home meets the future!

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Great sponsor with lots of different ads to choose from


Avis ajouté le 03-07-2019 - note attribuée au parrain RWWorld : 10 / 10

Great sponsor with lots of different ads to choose from

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