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Posted on 04-12-2021

Use my link to get your first box free!      I have been a customer for some months now. We adore the flowers, the way that the arrangements are put together and the sometimes unusual stems which keeps it interesting.  The information that comes on each flower and th ... Read more

Posted on 04-12-2021

Use my link or TamsinT23 as a code to receive your first box of Freddie's flowers ABSOLUTELY FREE!  These are beautiful flowers - I've never been disappointed- lots of blooms and they last for around 2 weeks. I know you'll love them. flexible and easy to manage subsc ... Read more

Posted on 25-11-2021

Free box on your first order with Freddie's flowers.    just enter the code and my name Kim  once you sign up your first box will be completely free of charge     simple as that.  ... Read more

Posted on 24-10-2021

  Been a customer for 3 years now. Gorgeous flowers, delivered in sustainable packaging. Flowers lasts for ages. With options to remove lilies. Once a customer you can send free box of flowers to 4 friends.  User friendly website, quick customer service. Delivery schedule can ... Read more

Posted on 17-08-2021

Use my code SiobhaM57 for a totally FREE box of flowers. With no contract you can cancel after that first box or get the second box half price (£12.50). I've been using Freddies flowers for months now and am obsessed, bouquets are usually huge and last at least 2 weeks!  ... Read more

Posted on 11-08-2021

Hello! Please feel free to use my code for a free bunch of flowers when you sign up. The bouquets are beautiful and much bigger than other available subscriptions. Highly recommended! They also sent me a free vase with my second order, so I can arrange the flowers perfectly ? ... Read more

Posted on 31-03-2021

Amazing amazing flowers from Freddies Flowers. Lovely service and they always last for ages, unlike some other flower subscription boxes. This code will give you a free first box to try. A lot more flexibility too now enabling you to pause, skip and preview the upcoming deliveries.  ... Read more

Posted on 18-03-2021

Use my referral code for a free box of flowers worth £24! I've subscribed to Freddie's Flowers for over a year now, and I find I only need a box every two weeks as the flowers last ages.  Always fresh and beautiful and I get lots of comments on Zoom calls when working from home ... Read more

Posted on 18-02-2021

?? FREE FLOWERS!! ?? Use my code to get a FREE bouquet of fresh flowers delivered directly to your door!  Who doesn't love flowers?!? Imagine getting them regularly, delivered to you in a beautiful box?    Now you can! Use my code AmyT9463 and subscribe to Freddi ... Read more

Posted on 14-02-2021

Freddie’s flowers code MelT9295 for first box free. Enjoy a lovely bunch of flower's from Freddies! They truly are amazing. It's very easy to cancel after receiving your first box with no commitment or pause after the first delivery ... Read more

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If you think, like Freddie, that flowers are a daily necessity, then Freddie’s Flower boxes will brighten up your week!

For £25 a week, you will receive a weekly flower box full of wonderfully new and different flowers, which you can then arrange around your home at your leisure. They will be delivered to your door by bicycle or by van, depending on where you live. Inside the box, you also have some instructions on how you could arrange the flowers that you receive. Of course, if you are feeling creative and inspired, you could throw the instructions away and place the flowers according to your tastes as well. It’s up to you!

So, each week, Freddie’s picks the best flowers and places them in a box, delivered right to your doorstep. If you are not home, not to worry! You can simply tell them to drop it off somewhere safe, or skip this week’s delivery with their online calendar. What is more, to keep your flowers alive and fresh, they also sell some Flower Food, which you can sprinkle in the vase before placing the flowers in it. This way, your flowers will stay in shape all week long, and you can impress your guests, and yourself, with wonderful bouquets.

There is no middleman between you and Freddie. All the flowers are cut as you order them, so you know that they are fresh, and less expensive. Every week, the box is a surprise! If you dislike surprises, however, you can check online what is coming up in your next box, and prepare.

Their website is informative and well designed, it even has pictures from previous customers who were pleased with the quality of the flowers, and proud of their arrangements. Freddie also has a Facebook and Instagram page, where you can learn more about specific flowers and how to arrange them. It is an entire universe on its own, to know how to arrange flowers and it is also a mindful practice.

All in all, Freddie’s Flowers are fresh, fancy and fantastic. If you want to receive a box of them every week, sign up now! You can cancel, skip, and end your subscription anytime. With Freddie’s Flowers, you will receive not only bouquets every week, but also a weekly dose of flower knowledge and mindfulness. Are you ready to start the adventure?

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