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Posted on 17-09-2020

Get £10 FREE !!! Download Football Index app and use the code 517830 when you sign up copy and paste this link into your browser .  Deposit £10 and you'll get £10 Bonus Free Use co ... Read more

Posted on 10-09-2020

Get £10 FREE !!! Download Football Index app and use the code 627447 when you sign up copy and paste this link into your browser  Deposit £10 and you'll get £10 Bonus Free Use code  517830 Do ... Read more

Posted on 14-06-2020

Football Index is an absolute game changer in betting markets and is providing an innovative (and in my opinion superior) betting experience to standard football betting. I've more than doubled my initial investment and would recomend to absolutely everything. If you want any tips feel free to f ... Read more

Posted on 28-04-2020

Ive been trading on the index for 18 months and can say its been an amazing ride looking forward to what the future Holds on this Great Platform onwards and upwards .This markethas risen while the Ftse has tanked in last 2 months .  Download Football Index app on Android or iOS Deposit &p ... Read more

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With Football Index, combine stock markets with sports and see what happens!

Football Index is a stock market for football players. In other words, rather than betting on scores, you can use this platform to invest in players. You can earn money depending on how they do during the season, and over time! This way, you are betting on their future performance. More interesting than betting on a win or lose situation? Most probably, and it is less likely you will lose your money.

What’s more, this form of trading is anchored in something a lot of us enjoy and understand: football. A lot of us would rather make a profit in an environment that is more familiar than the regular stock market, and Football Index is a great opportunity to do so.

Who knew football knowledge would one day give you the possibility of making a profit in this way? Unlike traditional ways of betting, that are thought out and planned in order to take better’s money, Football Index is more balanced. Instead of the lure of winning huge amounts of money at odds that are stacked against you, you have the chance to invest money in shares, and see their value rise if the player you invested in does well.

It then becomes a matter of pulling out your money at the right time, or on the other hand, letting the value of your player rise enough. The challenge is to follow the players closely enough, and trust your instinct in their performance, rather than bet on the outcome of one, or a combination of 90 minute games.

How does it work? You can buy up to 300 shares for any individual player, and you can invest in as many players as suits your fancy. The Buy Price for each players is set by Football Index, depending on the value of that player (the demand for them) at that particular time. The more the player is in demand, the higher the Buy Price.

You can earn money either by earning dividends daily based on the players for which you have shares, or earn money by selling your shares at the right time. All in all, Football Index is the perfect solution if you want to start profiting from your football knowledge in a real way, rather than losing your money with bets that you are unlikely to win. Want to know more? Head to their website!

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