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Posted on 18-09-2021

Hey guys , it's Zach here , I'll give you a brief intro . FeaturePoints is a mobile app that pays you to download and try out new apps. Each time you a new app is installed and opened you earn points which can be converted into gift cards or cash. Many thanks  Zach ... Read more

Posted on 22-05-2021

FeaturePoints is an app and website that pays you to play games, download apps and take surveys. My favourite way to earn with Feature Points is to download and play free games on my phone, which often earns a generous amount of points, depending on the game. You can redeem rewards starting at ... Read more

Posted on 26-05-2020

FeaturePoints is an app to earn money !  (Payment is done via Paypal, Bitcoin / Amazon gift card) By adding my following referral code: W78N9D or using this referral link you will get your first earning. With the Feature point app you will see other great ... Read more

Posted on 06-05-2020

Do you get cash back when you shop? Or make money standing in line. This app is your shopping buddy. Simple sign up FREE. And the next time you make a purchase just open your app and get credit on major brands like gamestop, Microsoft, walmart and many more. Got some time standing in line? ... Read more

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With Feature Point, you get rewarded for answering simple surveys online!

The way it works is simple. Once you have created your Feature Point account from your phone, you can start earning money, and other types of reward, straight away! The more surveys you answer; the more rewards you earn.

The surveys can be about your opinion on certain types of products or brands, or they can be about you, for instance, do you own a dog? Do you drive a car? Or do you own any game consoles?

Every time you answer a question, you earn points. If you have any time to spare while waiting in line for instance, you can just open the app and answer simple questions. You will effectively be making money, by not doing very much at all!

Another way of earning points through Feature Point is to download apps, and try them even just for a few minutes. That way, the app developers can test their creations, and you can earn your share.

You can turn the points you earn into PayPal currency, as well as crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and others. Additionally, you can buy from the Play Store, App Store, Amazon, or even Starbucks. Or, if you prefer, you can earn cash back from well-known stores like Forever 21, GAP, and more.

Of course, since you’re not doing a whole lot, you won’t get paid a whole lot. But it’s worth earning a few pounds, while waiting in line or absent-mindedly trying a new game on the bus, is it not?

To find out more about their terms and conditions, you can go to their website and scroll all the way down. Their Privacy Policy, Data Use etc. are all laid out clearly for you. Some surveys, for instance, require to complete some qualification questions, meaning that if you don’t fit the required profile for the survey, you won’t be able to fill in this particular one. Not to worry! Many others are waiting for you on their app.

What’s more, be aware that if you are inactive for over a 60 days, they can terminate any points you have. As long as you stay active at least once every month and a half or so, you will be fine!

Feature Point is a good way to earn a little money on the side, which you can spend in famous stores around you, or transfer to your PayPal account. After all, why shouldn’t the time you waste in your day be worth something, even if just a little?

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Avis ajouté le 29-06-2019 - note attribuée au parrain Lovetorefer : 10 / 10

Fantastic sponsor - he explained me in depth how to proceed with my subscription and how I would get the reward - I recommend that person


Avis ajouté le 29-06-2019 - note attribuée au parrain Lovetorefer : 10 / 10

Fantastic sponsor - he explained me in depth how to proceed with my subscription and how I would get the reward - I recommend that person

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