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Posted on 01-10-2021

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Posted on 27-10-2020

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Want to sleep in an award-winning mattress tonight? Sleep on Emma, the UK’s leading mattress brand out there!

A good night sleep is one of the most important things for good health but in this day and age, it’s one of the harder needs to fulfill. Choose Emma to make your sleeping experience the best it can be.

Created with special technology that all work together to provide comfort and support for everyone, Emma has won prizes and endorsements for letting every one of its’ costumers have the sleep of their dreams. Emma, a restful place.

Emma has worked towards proposing the very best product they could deliver so when they designed it, they stuck with their one perfect design. At Emma, you’ll only find the original mattress, the only one you need. The concept is close to the Simba Mattress with very good reviews

The mattress provides the three main and necessary features of course: support and weight distribution for your body while it’s relaxed and sleeping and breathability, to allow your body to retain a perfectly stable temperature.

With a range of different components such as two separate types of covers, two types of foams and a firm layer at the bottom to support it all, you can be sure your sleep will be handled by a well-researched, tried and tested rest machine.

If you want to add some more Emma to your sleep, you can also shop their accessory range such as their pillow, mattress protector and bedding selection to your order! All of the product details such as exact components and construction process are available online as well as size and weight.

Everything is manufactured in the UK, for a 100% local mattress. You can try out your Emma mattress for a 100 nights before you make your final decision, although we know you’ll love it from day 1!

Delivery is free of charge and tracked, so you can see exactly when your restful new oasis will arrive. Guaranteed for 10 years, the mattress is going to be one of your life-long best friend.

Once it arrives, unpack, let it breathe and once it’s reached its’ full size, enjoy!

For any question, their FAQ page is very comprehensive or, if you’d like to get in touch, they’d love to hear from you at the available contact details online.

Don’t wait for a rested body and mind anymore, choose Emma to feel at your best!

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Avis ajouté le 21-05-2020 - note attribuée au parrain SamSmith : 10 / 10

Fab referrer link worked great and got some money off!! Fab ! Thanks! If you see any posts by this person use them as they worked for me ! Thank you again


Avis ajouté le 16-04-2019 - note attribuée au parrain check : 10 / 10

Very nice and efficient - I would recommend that Sponsor

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