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Since 2012, edX has been providing online courses from the leading universities of the world to students around the globe. Its founders were the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

Collaborative institutions which are involved in providing the courses are numerous, including the Sorbonne Université, The University of British Colombia, Imperial College London and Princeton University. edX also have many partners.

edX have nonprofit status. In fact, edX claims to be the only principal massive open online course (MOOC) provider to be open source too. This platform, Open edX, is flexible and can be edited and ameliorated by teachers and technological experts to ensure the most optimal learning tools are in place.

All of the courses which edX provide can be audited free of charge. Further certifiable options available, for which fees apply and which can lead to credits in some cases, are also available.

Research is an interesting and important part of the work of edX, and they use their own online platform as the guinea pig for their work which aims to determine new pedagogical techniques and their effects on students.

Teaching takes place via videos, online reference material, a forum on the website where students and educators interact and exercises.

edX currently offer a massive variety of courses, more than 1,900 to be exact. There is an unbelievable variety of subjects covered. These range from architecture to communication, computer science to economics and finance, education and teacher training, to music to medicine. Of course, within the subjects, subcategories are available.

You can take the courses on three different levels: introductory, intermediate and advanced and in different languages, including English, Spanish and Chinese.

The edX search engine makes it very easy to find your perfect course. You can browse and filter by the aforementioned categories, in addition to choose the availability of the course which suits you (whether it is available now, or is upcoming, or is a course for which you dictate the pace).

The online aspect means that you can obviously learn wherever you are, whenever is convenient for you via your online account. Access is made even easier by the downloadable edX app.

edX also offers special options for businesses, with a variety of certifiable courses available.

The edX website is extremely instructive with detailed information on edX itself, the courses offered and there is even a dedicated page for Open edX.

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