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Posted on 10-09-2021

Hi everyone, Craft Gin Club is a wonderful subscription that introduces members to a full size gin with accompanying tonics and snacks. I've had a few of their boxes and they are great!  If you use my code, you receive 20 pounds off your first box, and I will get 1000 points credit in ... Read more

Posted on 11-08-2021

£ 2 0  O F F  Y O U R  F I R S T  B O X :)  Perfect for any gin lover (or their friend), each box contains a full sized craft gin along with tonic's, cocktail ingredients, snacks and the monthly magazine.  You can decide on your own subscription settings i. ... Read more

Posted on 14-01-2021

Get delicious gin, mixers and snacks delivered to your door every month with this amazing craft gin subscription. Choose the frequency of the box, skip months or cancel with ease. Try amazing new gins with the perfect mixer pairing and enjoy a gin cocktail with a delicious garnish. For £16 ... Read more

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If you are looking to enjoy a night with your friends while learning to enjoy new tastes, Craft Gin Club has what you need!

This special club delivers boxes to you every month, every two months, or every three months. It’s up to you to decide how often your box comes! In there, you will find one full-sized bottle of craft gin, as well as mixers and ingredients that go (perfectly) with it. That’s not all that is waiting for you in these surprise boxes. You will also find tasty snacks, as well as a 56 page Club magazine where you can brush up on your Gin knowledge.

Sounds like an addition that would go well with your life and the way you like to socialise? Head to their website to find out more! On there, you can have a preview of what a Craft Gin Club box includes and you can also visit their. Their products are well curated and will provide you with the tools to make the absolute best gin and tonic that you can make. All this, without you ever having to leave your house!

What is more, their customer service is apparently very good. Damaged crackers? You receive the same bottle of gin twice? Not to worry, simply get in touch with their staff and wait for the problem to be resolved smoothly.

Craft Gin Club being, well, a Club, you have other perks as well as the boxes which you pay for. First of all, you will have very good offers on their flash sales and store sales. You also get to accumulate points with every purchase you make and for each box you receive! Finally, they also have some exclusive member content to share with you as well as competitions if you decide to sign up.

Their website is well made and easy to navigate, but that’s not all. It also features advice and articles about recipes that go well with or involve Gin, so you can really make the most of your favourite drink. You will also find their customer reviews on there, which you should read if you are wondering what kind of experience Craft Gin Club offers their customers.

All in all, Craft Gin Club is a fun way of discovering more about the traditional Gin and Tonic cocktail while having fun with others. Head to their website to sign up now!

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