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Get compensation for flight delay or cancellation with Compensair!

If you are a big traveller, you will probably have experienced this before: delays, missed connections, or even straight up flight cancellations. Even if they try their best to replace your flights with the closest options possibles, these are still not what you asked and paid for. Their dire little coupons won’t do much to change things. So, you know, you deserve your money back since you did not get the product that you ordered, or you might even had some more severe impact in your professional or personal life because of delays and other incidents. Fortunately, there are laws out there to protect customers. In particular, in Europe, flight companies can be punished severely for not providing the service they sold you. Compensair helps with that. They take care of all of the nitty gritty of the process. They do everything for you so you can get your money back as soon as possible. It is a very efficient service and it is always worth a try.

You can get hundreds and hundreds for as little a reason as a delayed flight, but also for cancelled flights, being denied boarding for some reason, or other missed connections and stuff. Their service is semi automated so it is quick and easy to register online and check what kind of compensation you are entitled to. This service stays of course totally free. They have managed to claim compensation from more than 150 airlines so far, and that includes airlines from 60 countries and charter flights. They thus have managed to gather an excellent score on trustpilot since they have been so helpful to customers. It is fast and reliable, impressive, helpful and comfortable. If you have tried to get compensation yourself before and not succeed, do not hesitate to ask for help there. You just have to submit an application, which takes a few minutes of your time, you only need your flight details and to write out a small description of the incident or incidents. Then, the software analyses if you are supposed to get compensation, and picks the best way for you to get it. They do all fo the work for you.

So if you are a frequent traveller, or even just a casual one but have encountered troubles before, you now know where to go. They will do their best to assist you and you know they are on your side, trying to get the best deal out of it for you and being successful most of the times!

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