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Posted on 15-09-2021

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Posted on 24-08-2021

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Posted on 28-07-2021

Use this promo code when purchasing an unlimited card from the cineworld website this code will allow you to gain one free additional month on your cineworld. Originally, you will have 12 months, with this code you will gain an additional free month, making it 13 months on your unlimi ... Read more

Posted on 12-08-2020

Using this code when purchasing the Cineworld unlimited card will allow you to get an extra month free. So you will get 13 months of unlimited movies for the price of 12. Use this code: RAF-02AT-84MV-64TE-39LP   Thanks.   ... Read more

Posted on 16-01-2020

Get 1 month free on Cineworld by using my referral code below : RAF-14JG-43AN-38FD-69KU All you have to do is to copy/paste that code into your subscription form on Cineworld and you will get 1 month for free. Have a nice day ! Cheers ... Read more

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Cineworld Cinemas is a leading UK multiplex cinema chain.

Watch all of the best pictures in your local cinema. You can watch all of the latest movies that just came out in the best of settings available out there. Look up the theaters around you and find the closest Cineworld for you. Easily pick your cinema on the website and book a screening instantly. You can look up your own cinema's screening schedule or look up individual films, pick your favourite time. Look up the upcoming movies and possible experiences.

Cineworld offers an amazing offer of a year of non stop movies thanks to the unlimited Cineworld card. You can see all of the movies you want for less than 20 quids a month, at any time, as many times as you would like. And you will also get a discount on snacks and drinks as well as invites to preview screenings of upcoming releases! Enjoy all the films you want for just one monthly price. This pass will actually give you access to all of the 2D movie screenings you want and save you money when watching films in 3D, Superscreen, IMAX, VIP, D-Box, 4DX, ScreenX and Event Cinema. Plus, loyalty pays! After one year, you can get upgraded to a premium card and get into these 3D screenings entirely free of charge.

You can register and start using your subscription today while you wait to receive your card through the mail. You will then get access to a trove of advance screenings, sometimes months before everyone else gets to see the general release. You can hear about these events through the newsletter. On top of that, enjoy all of the drinks, popcorns, nachos, hotdogs, ice cream, and other snacks, for a reduced price. Your card also grants you a similar discount to the Cineworld Starbucks licensed stores. As well, partner restaurants give you a 25% discount, so make sure to always keep your card on you when you are craving a nice dinner during a night out in town!

Discover even more local benefits by looking those up on the website. Recommend your friends and get some extra free months on your subscription, so you can all go to the movies together and enjoy all of these perks! You can pay for your card monthly or all at once. It is flexible like that, so there is no reason to not register today!

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