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Want to help your children do well at school? ed place is a great way to do so.

ed Place is an online platform with activities which accompany your child’s learning from year 1 to their GCSEs. ed place is available on your PC or desktop computer, as well as on an app. This way, your children can learn and practice even when they are not home!

Once you have created a parents’ account and a children’s account, ed place will start setting tasks that fit your child’s level in school. From there, they can start completing the auto-corrected activity sheets, revision modules and so on. You can measure your child’s progress through your app, and encourage them to really engage with the material.

Once the virtuous cycle starts, your children will be encouraged by their progression, which is clearly marked and shown in both the parents’ and children’s account. ed place adapts to your child’s progress, rather than giving tasks that are too hard to complete. The right balance is needed between pushing a child to go beyond their comfort zone, and making them feel like they are not good at anything!

With points earned for each correct answer, badges delivered for milestones in their learning, as well as individualized goals and personalized rewards which you can set, you will effectively be helping your child progress in a positive environment.

The learning method is well adapted to what your child will be used to in school. They are practicing the skills they are learning in school, and receiving their marked questions instantly and with feedback. What’s more, they will be ready for exams thanks to the exam-style questions and practice papers available through ed place.

The activities are available by the thousands, in Maths, English, Science, and more. If you want to find out exactly what Ed place offers, you can visit their website. On there, they give you the opportunity to explore an activity for free!

You can either create a free account, or annual premium accounts (individual or familial) for around £8 and £13 a month respectively. The difference between the free accounts and the ones you pay for are premium activites, and the ability to have more than 2 student accounts linked to one parent account.

All in all, ed place is a great way to help your child with their schoolwork, and it allows you to be engaged with their learning without becoming their teacher entirely.

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