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Established in 2000 in the United States, eHarmony now offers its online dating services to customers in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia in addition to the United States.

Founded by a counsellor and clinical psychologist with extensive experience in counselling married couples, the eHarmony ethos is that couples are most likely to sustain a long-term relationship or marriage if they have many personality traits, interests and ideals in common and are highly compatible. The website attempts, therefore, via various questionnaires to match people, based on such traits. The company continuously review and refine their matching model to ensure the best possible service.

It is very easy to subscribe to, and make your online profile for eHarmony for free. You simply need to input some basic information and then complete the more detailed compatibility questionnaire. This allows you to examine the matches suggested for you and send or receive very basic gestures such as ‘smiles’.

If you wish to communicate further with a match, you can choose a price plan to suit you and get in touch with your potential beau. Pricing options are available for monthly or annual subscriptions. At this stage, as a member, amongst other features, you can see photos of your match and communicate with them via eHarmony’s secure mailing service.

Your security is ensured by the fact that you can only be seen by those matches who are suggested for you.

You can also search for your match using various subsections of the site including, amongst many others, by age and by religion.

In addition, it is also possible to access relevant sections of the site based on your location. In the United Kingdom, for example, dedicated sites for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England are further broken down to local regions so that you can maximise your chances of meeting someone who lives near to you.

If you have given up hope of finding ‘the one’, the website features many success stories of other couples who have met on the site to help you along.

eHarmony also offer an extensive advice section on their site for dating. This of course includes advice on online dating, but also covers general dating and topics such as safety, ghosting and, on the other side, how to show your sentiments.

You can follow the activity of eHarmony on their extensive social media channels.

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