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The Maths Factor provides tuition in maths for 4-11 year olds via tutorials and games, which children can access online at their own pace from the comfort of their own home.

Carol Vorderman, renowned celebrity of Countdown fame, launched her innovative website in 2010. Since 2013, the site has been partnered by Pearson, a leading educational publishing company.

The Maths Factor is constantly updated in line with changes in the national curriculum in England, the most substantial of which last happened in 2014. However, it can also be of benefit to children worldwide who wish to improve their mathematical confidence and skills.

Voderman’s vision for the site is that by improving children’s confidence in maths they will make vast progress. She believes that it is vital to develop this strong base from a young age since having good mathematical skill is becoming increasingly important in society. Vorderman thinks that her site is key to this process, noting that 77% of users have seen an improvement in their results and 74% of parents also find substantial improvements in the mathematical confidence of their children.

The site encourages her ‘5 principles’ approach to learning maths: practicing every day, in a fun way, with the focused attention and support of their parent, with online and offline support, and in a way which empowers and supports parents too.

The site spans 32 topics, including addition, subtraction, times tables, multiplication and division, fractions… In short, all of the key skills required of a young mathematician! The 32 topics are broken down further into daily sessions with the format of an introductory video tutorial featuring Carol, a light hearted ‘warm-up’ and some practice. It is possible to view examples of these sessions on the site.

There is also a games centre and various clubs which children can access. For parents, there is a ‘parent zone’ where it is possible to monitor the progress of the child and access advice from Vorderman on how to best support the child. In addition to reading parent success stories, you can share your own.

The online platform of The Maths Factor is itself impressive, with a Maths Factor blog and a very helpful Frequently Asked Questions section. You can also edit account and subscription details and the child’s settings.

For your first subscription to The Maths Factor, a 30 day money back guarantee is offered.

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